Welcome to my blog.

There’s a miscellany of my writing in Latest Post, most recently my entries for the UK National Flash Fiction Day. If you scroll down you’ll find the posts I wrote on the use of the masculine pronoun for Margaret River Press, and so much more.

Sydney snaps’ observes, comments on and delves deeper into Sydney.

‘Tapitallee tales’ and ‘Climate urgency’ overlap, as I write about what we can do to save a much loved piece of bush and every other part of the world.

My original blog, ‘At the farm’, is a set of dreamy, lyrical observations of life on my beautiful farm. Gone now, as the posts  The long goodbye and So long, and thanks for all the eggs indicate.

2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hi Kathy. Thank you for following us. I hope you are interested in submitting some poems for our second issue. It will be great. And I hope you have enjoyed our first issue.


    • kathyprokhovnik said:

      Thanks for the invitation. I have enjoyed your first issue very much. I’m thinking about how to meet your criteria, and will be in touch.


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